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Brighten Up The Winter Months


Brighten up the winter months and stick to your new year’s resolutions with these colourful steak salads.

Embracing the ‘new year, new you’ train of thought doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go without. Encounter beef in a new way and make a healthy meal more substantial by serving up a steak salad. Here are some of our favourite recipes that will deliver your five-a-day, and retain the goodness of raw produce.

Roast Beef Salad with Asian Dressing & Peanut Sauce

Delicious warm roast beef with a crisp salad, tossed in a ginger and chilli dressing and benefitting from a moreish peanut sauce, this salad is certain to become a regular on your home menu. Cook the beef to medium rare on a griddle pan or barbecue in the summer months.
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Marinated Irish Skirt Steak on a Fresh Roots Salad

The steak skirt is an underrated cut of beef, but this dish maximises on its rich flavour, pairing with winter coleslaw and game changing crispy matchstick fries. The beautiful, vibrant colours of the dish make it as visually appealing as it is tasty.
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Winter Steak Salad with Spiced Pickle Dressing

An original recipe from food blogger Helen Graves, this steak salad is a winter delight. Using seasonal leaves of chicory and radicchio, it’s a perfect bed for tender rib eye steak and the spiced pickle dressing is wonderful addition: tangy and packed with flavour.
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Warm Roast Beef Salad with Griddled Spring Onions

On the more indulgent end of the salad spectrum, this recipe includes garlic-infused hanger or onglet steak and can be added to with a mustard aioli if you fancy a little extra kick. Serve with warm ciabatta for a satisfying lunchtime meal.
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T-bone Steak with Roasted Pumpkin, Chestnuts and Freekeh


A different take on the average salad, this recipe from chef Georgina Fuggle showcases the superb T-bone cut to its finest, serving with caramelised pumpkin, roasted chestnuts and super grain freekeh, which combine to create a substantial and seasonal dish.
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Seared Hawaiian Beef Poké

Blogger Danny Kingston serves up a twist on a Hawaiian poké, which traditionally centres around raw fish. Instead he uses seared marinated beef as the main ingredient, and chilli and ginger to offer a pleasantly warming overall effect.
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