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Our Favourite Cookbooks on the Market

Every amateur chef has a favourite cookbook – the one they turn to first, whether hosting a dinner party, whipping up an impromptu weekend meal, or simply in need of epicurean inspiration of any sort. Here are some of our favourite cookbooks on the market. Which are you missing from your cookbook collection?

If you… Are trying to include more wholegrains in your diet
You’ll love “Grains” by Molly Brown

As well as hearty, healthy dishes perfect for the colder weather, Molly Brown provides a catalogue of edible grains, seeds, cereals, pulses and legumes in her book “Grains.” As well as sumptuous food photography and illustrations, there’s incredibly useful information about the grains themselves; including their health properties, how to prepare them, and even how to grow them at home.

If you… Are all about the classics
You’ll love… “At My Table” by Nigella Lawson

An undisputed queen of the cooking scene, the chances are you’ll have at least one of Nigella’s 11 tomes at home already. Her latest is full of what she does best: relaxed, rich recipes guaranteed to please everyone round the table.

If you… Are already excited about Christmas
You’ll love… “The Christmas Chronicles” by Nigel Slater

Food writer and columnist Nigel Slater has made a name for himself as a proponent of ingredient-led recipes, focusing on simplicity with maximum impact. His latest book, out later this month, centres around his favourite time of year. This book celebrates not only Christmas itself, but all the wintery festivities that lead up to it, and food and drink recipes to call on for these celebrations.

If you… Are always the host
You’ll love… “Dinner & Party” by Rose Prince

The ultimate guide to hosting a party, this book is perfect for first-timers and seasoned hosts alike. Within its pages you’ll find stylish, impressive recipes to suit any occasion, big or small. Rose is a great believer that hosts shouldn’t be banished to the kitchen, so there are lots of tips on timings and prepping dishes in advance, to be enjoyed, stress-free, by all.

If you… Want to save on the washing up
You’ll love… “Roasting Tray Magic” by Sue Quinn

One of the joys of autumn and winter vegetables is how well they lend t