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The Foodie Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Primarily a visual platform, Instagram has spawned a new breed of foodies to whom presentation is as important as the food itself. This in itself has given chefs a new challenge: if your food isn’t Instagram-worthy, don’t expect a queue on opening night.

That said, there’s a huge range of foodie Instagrammers to follow, depending on your culinary bent. Whether it’s Michelin-star dining, secret street food markets, or the most innovative dishes on the market, there’s someone out there to inspire you. Here are some of our own favourites.

Symmetry Breakfast


Followers: 696,000
Cookbooks: 1
Based: Currently Shanghai
Follow this account: For the sheer creativity (and classic tunes Michael sets his Instagram stories to every morning).


Gizzi Erskine


Professional food writer, chef and TV personality, Gizzi is a true foodie and her enthusiasm shines through every post. Not afraid of comfort food, expect dirty burgers, platters of pasta, and an Asian influence throughout (including in the names of her two cats, Kimchi and Ponzu, who feature regularly).

Followers: 136,000
Cookbooks: 4
Based: London
Follow this account: To hear first about Gizzi’s restaurant collaborations, which are invariably worth a try.


Clerkenwell Boy


Something of an enigma, the anonymous food blogger is seemingly the best-fed man in London. He describes his mouth-watering Instagram feed as “just a kind of diary of what I’ve been eating.” A typical entry in this culinary diary includes at least one Michelin-star restaurant, a food market or two, and a sweet treat to top it all off.

Followers: 165,000
Cookbooks: 1 (For an incredibly good cause: Cook for Syria is a charity project helping children and refugees affected by the crisis in Syria)
Based: London
Follow this account: So you can be first in line to try the hottest new restaurants, dishes and haunts in London.


Simpsons Restaurant


Michelin-starred Simpsons Restaurant showcases its stunning menu and restaurant, as well as giving you a glimpse into the goings on behind the scenes and introducing their ever-smiling staff.

Followers: 2,502
Cookbooks: 1
Based: Birmingham
Follow this account: For picture-perfect dishes and updates on the calendar of events taking place in the restaurant and their newly reopened test kitchen.


KS Ate Here


The sheer quantity of food consumed by Kar-Shing Tong, the man behind the account, makes  it worthy of a follow. A street food market enthusiast, follow KS as he eats his way round London on a daily basis, with boundless enthusiasm for everything he consumes. Burgers and barbecue are generally top of his wish list.

Followers: 62,200
Cookbooks: 0 (… yet.)
Based: London
Follow this account: For your weekend food market inspiration


Street Feast London


Go behind the scenes at one of London’s busiest street food markets. The stalls, vendors, dishes and events are all covered on this Instagram account, and if this doesn’t tempt you to get down for a visit, nothing will.

Followers: 136,000
Cookbooks: 0 (But we’d love to see one)
Based: Four locations around London
Follow this account: For the good vibes and pure food porn.


The Gaztronome


If artfully curated plates aren’t your thing, Gaz is the ‘grammer for you. Professional food photographer by day, this account documents his dirty secrets. You’ll find all his mouth-watering guilty pleasures from takeaway pizza to chips with curry sauce, and a whole lot of fry ups.

Followers: 10,000
Cookbooks: 0 (of his own, although his photography features in many).
Based: London
Follow this account: For the hashtags #yes #allkindsofyes

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