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Everyone knows the Irish throw a good party, and this year’s St. Patrick’s Day event in Trafalgar Square will be no exception.

As part of the Mayor of London’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations, there will be an exciting programme of events and activities displaying the very best of Irish culture, taking place on Sunday 19th March. Trafalgar Square is definitely the place to be on the day: as well as free entertainment for the whole family, it will also be the last stop for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade: beginning at London’s Piccadilly, the procession sees all 32 counties of Ireland represented and never fails to impress.

Performances by actors, choirs and dancers will play out on the main stage, while the huge food market will boast both traditional and modern Irish cuisine. Our foodie highlights include:

Irish food champion and chef John Relihan will be cooking up his ultimate Irish beef stew. Don’t miss out on this delicious dish, and find our recent interview with John here.

On offer at The Pie Cart: Irish slow-cooked beef and Guinness pies, and a whole range of other tasty offerings featuring the finest Irish produce.

At the Salt Beef Bros stand, you will find Irish brisket, salt-cured and slow-cooked until tender, served in a sandwich with pickle and mustard or Ballymaloe relish.

Butchies will once more be cooking up London’s best fried chicken sandwich, made with free-range Irish chicken marinated in Avonmore Irish Buttermilk, served in soft toasted buns with Kerrygold Irish butter.

If American-style burgers are what you’re after, make sure you visit Eat the Farm: dry aged Irish beef, unpasteurised artisan cheeses, handmade brioche buns and homemade sauces.

For the best tasting hot Irish baguettes possible head to Mr Crumb, where you’ll fresh Irish Turkey, succulent sage and onion stuffing and a dollop cranberry sauce. Perfect!

Or take time out for a tea, coffee, crepe, or traditional Irish soup, at Café Bueno.

Check out some highlights from last year’s event:

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