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Leftovers Recipes

It happens every year: the mass exodus post-Christmas as family and friends return to their own homes leaving hosts with a house full of food. There’s nothing worse than food going to waste, and with our favourite leftovers recipes, there’s no need!

Stick it in a Sandwich

Whatever meat you’ve chosen for the big day itself, there’s nothing better slapping it in a soft roll with some well-matched accompaniments. Dress your leftover turkey with cranberry sauce, and slather pork in mustard. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with extra beef, find our top tips for the perfect accompaniments here.

Cook up a Curry

For many, the post-Christmas period wouldn’t be the same without a turkey curry or similar. And for good reason – the aromatic sauce and flavours of a curry are good at boosting what may be slightly underwhelming leftovers! We love this recipe for massaman curry. When using leftovers, just throw them in towards the end of the process rather than flash frying, and warm through before serving.

Serve a Salad

These colourful steak salads will ensure you don’t feel like you’re resigned to leftovers! This recipe by Helen Graves includes an array of flavours synonymous with the winter months, while this Asian-inspired dish benefits from a dressing of ginger and chilli and a delicate peanut sauce to serve.