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Our Favourite Midweek Meals

September has rolled around again, bringing with it the end of the summer and the beginning of the new school year. Kids will be dragging their feet back to the classroom, and the daily routine of busy family life will resume.

But although time may be in shorter supply, dinner can still be delicious! Here is a selection of our favourite midweek meals, suitable for fitting around busy daily life.

Stir-fried Ginger Beef with Aromatic Greens

Stir-fries are quick and easy, while maintaining a fantastic array of flavours and textures. Perfect for when time is limited, they’re also a great way to get a whole load of healthy veggies into your little ones. This recipe for stir-fried ginger beef with aromatic greens is made in one pan, which lets the beef soak up all the accompanying flavours, and of course, saves on the washing up! For a milder finish, simply halve the portion of ginger and forgo the chillies.

Cottage Pie with Cheesy Mash

Cottage pie is a classic crowd-pleasing dish and a tried and tested family-favourite! Our recipe is full of tender minced beef and topped with cheesy mashed. It’s also perfect for batch freezing, so make a couple and save one for a rainy day!

Sausages with Garlic Mash and Onion Gravy

On an autumn day, what could be better than sausages, mash and onion gravy? This recipe provides a twist on the norm with beef sausages, available from any supermarket, and the addition of garlic to the mash packs a flavourful punch. With a cook time of only 30 minutes, it’s minimum effort for maximum flavour, and the perfect dish to whack on the stove after a long day.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Another dish that’s full of hidden nutrients including a variety of veggies, this spaghetti bolognese is worthy of a little extra time. Plus, why not make a little extra sauce for a lasagne, which can be saved for later in the week.

Sizzling Beef Fajitas with Tomato and Avocado Salsa

These sizzling beef fajitas are a hit with children as the ingredients can be left on the table for everyone to dig in and make their own. They only have a cook time of 10 minutes, meaning they can be put together in no time at all, perfect for a quick after-school meal.


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