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Summer Beef Recipes with a Citrus Twist

Including citrus flavours in your summer beef recipes is undeniably a great way to introduce a ray of sunshine to the table. Offering a fresh twist on any traditional dish, a squeeze of lemon or hint of lime is a summer must. Perfect as a light meal, or accompaniment to a picnic or barbecue, let the dishes below inspire you to add more zing to your food this summer!

Seared Beef Rolls with Lemon Aioli

Summer beef recipes - Seared beef rolls with lemon aioli

The lemon aioli that accompanies this Italian-style carpaccio is light and creamy with a tantalising bite. Serve as an appetiser or part of a main meal and let the citrus edge complement the natural flavours of beef without overpowering. A perfect picnic offering, bound to impress.

Fillet of Beef with a Lively Cashel Blue Cheese Salad

Summer beef recipes - Fillet of beef with a lively Cashel Blue cheese salad

Kevin Dundon’s recipe is a balancing act between succulent beef and citrus tang. With segments of peeled grapefruit refreshing the palette, and crumbled blue cheese adding a salty contrast, this is a recipe you’ll keep returning to when you fancy something a bit different.

Salt Beef Brisket with Capers and Gherkins

Summer beef recipes - Salt Beef Brisket with Capers and Gherkins

The complex flavours of capers and gherkins pair well with salt beef brisket, making this a bold and original dish. Andy McLeish’s recipe uses a 7-day brine process, resulting in melt-in-the-mouth meat that is every food lover’s dream.

Peppercorn Studded Burger with Tricolour Slaw

Summer beef recipes - Peppercorn Studded Burger with Tricolour Slaw

A summer time staple, this burger includes a lime twist, giving the classic recipe a zesty edge. Accompanied by an original spin on coleslaw and infused with peppercorns, it’s a real crowd pleaser, sure to go down an absolute treat at your summer barbecue. Just be sure there’s enough to go around!