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Top Five Recipes for Curry Night

It’s an undisputed fact that we Brits are a nation of curry lovers. Nothing says Friday night more than a flavoursome curry feast with all the trimmings: poppadoms, bhajis, chapatis, chutneys and more. Here are our five favourite beef curry recipes, perfect for that highly anticipated treat at the end of the week.

Thai Red Curry with Beef and Butternut Squash

Full of flavour and with a short prep time, this Thai curry works equally well as a tasty midweek meal or a weekend treat. Its warming quality makes it perfect for when the nights start drawing in and the chunky butternut squash adds a sweetness to the finished dish. Go low and slow with the cooking time and you’ll be rewarded with beef that is meltingly tender.

Indonesian Beef and Coconut Curry with Fragrant Rice

An explosion of the fresh flavours and spices characteristic of Indonesia, this curry brings a taste of the Far East to your table. This superb blend of coconut milk, ginger, herbs and lemongrass, caramelises the beef to produce a mouth-watering curry that is delicious served with fragrant rice and a fresh cucumber and tomato salsa.

Beef Massaman and Potato Curry

This aromatic curry has its origins in Thailand and Malaysia. It is served with rice and sometimes pickled ginger or ‘achar’, an accompaniment made with cucumber and chilli macerated in vinegar and sugar, the perfect balance of spice, sweet and savoury flavours.

Beef Vindaloo with Saffron Rice

Vindaloos are generally known for their high heat level so if you’re a spice-lover, this is the dish for you. The slow cooked beef is meltingly tender and you can adjust the quantity of curry paste if you’re after something a bit more on the mild side. Serve with jasmine rice and naan bread.

Makatcha’s Indonesian Beef Rendang

If you’re going for authenticity, this street food dish is what you’re looking for. A classic Indonesian recipe, beef rendang benefits from complex layers of flavour, which belie its simple preparation. Low and slow cooking is key here, and your patience will be rewarded by a beautifully fragrant dish abundant with notes of lemongrass, garlic and ginger.