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Irish Beef Encounters: Street Food Series

Introducing Irish Beef Encounters: Street Food Series

Throughout 2017, Irish Beef are looking to elicit new encounters and experiences that celebrate and demonstrate the diversity of beef.

What better way to do this than hit the streets, and scour the country’s best street food markets. Bringing quality dishes to food lovers at affordable prices, and creating thriving environments where sustainable produce is prized and culinary creativity reigns. There’s nowhere better to go in search of a new epicurean experience, or more likely to elicit a beef encounter.

Meet The Patate

In the first edition of our street food series, we went to Camden Market and caught up with French vendors The Patate, who used Irish beef to create their very special beef bourguignon burger.


Get the recipe!

With a sweet brioche bun, rich beef bourguignon and decadent melted cheese, this burger has often been described as the best in London. If Jeanne and Bruna inspired you to create your own, discover the beef bourguignon recipe for yourself!

Get it here.