1. Why use Irish beef on your menu?

Taste, Quality and Heritage all makes Irish beef delicious. So much so that Ireland won more gold medals than any other origin beef at the World Steak Challenge Competition. This is no surprise due to Ireland’s wet mild climate, where cattle roam freely on the lush green pastures full of nutrients, clover and yarrow, which helps to deliver delicious grass-fed tasting beef.

When you add this to Ireland’s heritage in rearing cattle, where farms are traditionally passed down from generation to generation, as is the love and craft of livestock farming, this ensure beef which is of the highest standards, quality and taste.

2. What makes Irish beef different to its competitors?

Ireland has the longest grazing season in the Northern Hemisphere and over 60% of the land is grasslands, making it the ideal environment for rearing cattle.

Irish farmers act as the custodians of the land, working in harmony with nature to produce beef as environmentally as possible and are even audited to ensure this. Due to this grass based natural approach Irish beef really stands out, especially compared to other beef producing countries which rely on a concentrated grain fed production system.

3. Is Irish Beef Farm Assured or Quality Assured?

Ireland has had a farm assurance scheme for the last 30 years. This is known as the Sustainable Beef Assurance Scheme and is the equivalent to the UK’s Red Tractor scheme.

Ireland’s Sustainable Beef Assurance Scheme includes over 52,000 farmer members who are independently audited to ensure the quality, traceability and animal welfare of the cattle that they rear. Such measures helps ensure the quality of the Irish beef produced so you can be confident of the Irish beef you serve in your restaurant.

4. What is the difference between British and Irish beef?

There are many similarities between British and Irish beef including the passion, love and care from both sets of farmers. However, the UK do not produce enough beef for consumption while Ireland is a global leader in beef production due to the importance of agriculture to Ireland’s economy. This, coupled with Ireland’s mild wet weather (which is excellent for grass growth), a tradition and heritage in beef farming and how Ireland’s award-winning streak in international beef taste tests and competitions, is why Irish beef is used in many of the UK’s top restaurants.

5. What does grass-fed mean?

Grass fed relates to the diet of the animal. As Ireland has the longest grazing season in the northern hemisphere, they produce a third more grass than any other European Country. This grass-based production means cattle have the freedom to graze outdoors in fields of lush green grass, full of clover and yarrow for most of the year. This helps give Irish beef that delicious, tender and distinctive grass-fed taste.

6. Does grass-fed taste different, how does it affect the flavour?

Grass-fed Irish beef has a flavour which is often described as ‘succulent’, ‘rich and juicy’. A grass based diet produces a fuller, meatier flavoured beef with evenly distributed fat and marbling, as well as high levels of vitamins and nutrients like iron and Omega-3 fatty acids to provide that unique depth of flavour.

7. Is Irish beef sustainable / sustainably farmed?

Irish farmers are part of the Sustainable Beef Assurance Scheme, which independently audits 800 farms every week to assure high standards in animal welfare, traceability and sustainable practices. This helps ensure Irish farmers are farming as environmentally as possible. In addition to this, the cattle get to roam out in the green lush pastures nearly all year round which helps the animals grow healthy and strong in a natural way.

8. Is Irish beef fully traceable?

Traceability is fundamental to Irish beef production. All cattle have passports and ear tags which means Irish beef can be traced directly back to the farm the cattle are from and even who their parents were.

9. Whereabouts in Ireland does the beef come from?

Due to over 60% of Ireland being covered in grass, Irish cattle are reared all across the country. No matter where in Ireland the farm is, you can be sure that the same level of care, passion and love has been passed down from generation to generation.

10. Where can I purchase Irish beef?

Irish beef can be found in the major UK retailers, premium specialty stores and some of the most prestigious butchers and restaurants across the whole of the UK.

11. Where can I find out more?

For more information please visit or contact Emmet.Doyle@BordBia.IE.