Our Guide To Tasty Topside Cuts

slices rare beef on chopping board

Topside is generally known as being a lean portion of meat that features minimal marbling and comes from the hind. These cuts are best slow-roasted and slow cooked.


How do I make the most out of Topside?

Topside cuts are perfect for slow-cooking, slow-roasting and regular roasts. This is a meat you’ll want to cook gently over time, say for example, on a weekend, when you can make a generous amount in advance of a busy week.


Got any good recipes?

Absolutely. From traditional pot-roasts to the exotic flavours of South America and East Asia, the following recipes are sure to provide ample inspiration.

Pot roast topside of beef with juniper berries and mushrooms

Nikkei beef picanha with yuzu, soy and chilli

Chinese braised beef with ginger