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Natural, tasty and nutritious

As a professional, do you have a preference for deliciously produced meat? Then you almost have to be a fan of Irish Beef. The meat has a nice fat vein, because the animals have had a lot of exercise on the Irish grasslands. The Irish cattle diet consists of 90% grass. Throughout the year. This authentic, small-scale livestock farming includes healthy cows that can behave naturally in the pasture. The real beef flavor and controlled quality of the meat speak for themselves. You can read all about it on this page.

Meet The Chefs

The chefs we have worked with include our ambassadors for Irish beef. Through high-profile events, the chefs provide positive support and publicity for premium Irish Beef and are invited to Ireland to see the Irish beef production system for themselves.

Chef John Chantarasak
Chef Tony Fleming
Chef Adam Bennett
Chef Adam Byatt
Chef John-Relihan
Chef Luke Tipping
Pascal Aussignac
Chef_ Richard Sharples

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All about Irish Beef

Traditional farming methods are combined with the latest technologies to help farmers produce beef that is sustainable, flavourful and nutritious.

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The Grass Fed Standard from Bord Bia

The Grass-Fed Standard is the world’s first independently verified standard on a national scale, which allows Irish processors to track and verify the percentage of grass consumed in the diet of Irish beef herds.